Go Green Esko Garden

Esko GardenHarvesting

"There should be a garden attached where they may feast their eyes on trees, flowers, and plants...where they always hope to hear and see something new."

-Comenius, The Great Didactic 1632

Esko School Garden

This garden is planned, planted, maintained, and harvested by the students and community of the Esko School. If you have not seen it already - stop by! It is located near the front of the school on the corner of Hwy 61 and Thomson Road.

Vegetables harvested are used in the school cafeteria, as snacks in the classrooms, and as ingredients in Foods classes.

The garden is coordinated by Esko Community Education. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in the School Garden contact Michele Carlson in the Community Education office at mcarlson@esko.k12.mn.us or 879-4038.

A little effort from many makes work loads lighter.