Kids Plus

 Kids Plus Positive Energy Outside
Did you know that we have a leadership and service learning program for
students in grades 6-9?

In partnership with “Positive Outdoor Energy Edventures” students participate in team building and leadership activities, plan events for their classmates,
and participate in service

The KIDS PLUS Coalition in Esko is made up of concerned citizens and youth from all sectors of the community. We are working and planning together, with the help of KIDS PLUS, to develop and activate this vision of a “kid-friendly” Esko.
Esko Kids Plus Coordinators:
Stephanie Love
Amy Halverson

Join us in sharing this brave vision and helping Esko become a better place to raise your children and grandchildren in the 21st century and beyond. Please consider how you or your organization may become involved.

For more information on becoming an advocate for this program:
contact Michele Carlson at 879-4038

KIDS PLUS is a program of the Northland Foundation