Youth Enrichment Programs

Why participate after school?

* Students in after school programs improved their math scores and regular school day attendance compared to non-participants. High school participants passed more Regents exams and earned more high school credits than non-participants. (Policy Studies Associates, July 2004) 

* Participants in after school programs are much more likely to go on to high-quality high schools compared to non-participants (65 percent vs. 26 percent). Those who attend often are also more likely to be promoted to tenth grade on time (92 percent vs. 81 percent). Earning promotion to tenth grade on time is a key predictor of high school graduation. (Policy Studies Associates, December 2006)

            The best way to register for classes is to visit our website at Click on the Community Education/Class Registration tabs. You may also register by completely filling out the registration form in the paper, attaching your fee and mailing it to the Community Education Office at P.O. Box 10, Esko, MN 55733. Or, you may have your child give the envelope to their teacher. 
Your child is registered if we do NOT call you to say it is full. Please plan on your child attending unless you hear from us. 

Any changes in class dates and/or times will be communicated via e-mail. Please be sure we have all updated information. E-mail is our preferred method of communication as we are able to generate a message to several people quickly.  Watch your e-mail for class updates.  If we do not have an e-mail address on file, you will be contacted via phone, or a note sent home with your student.

            Your child’s teacher and Cool Kids staff will have a roster of all kids in each after school club. We ask you to send a note to the teacher stating that your child will be staying after school for the club. After school, the students will line up by the cafeteria, be checked in by a staff member, have a snack, and then be brought together to their class. 

             If your child will not be at a scheduled club, please inform the teacher and call the Community Education Office at 879-4038. These multiple checks and balances exist to keep your child safe. Unless stated otherwise, please pick up your child at the Playground Doors (#6) at the time of club ending. If your child is not picked up promptly, they will be taken to Cool Kids and you will be charged a $15 "Show-up" fee for Cool  Kids care.

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