School Board

Jerry Frederick

Jerry Frederick

My name is Jerry Frederick.  I have been a member of the Esko community since 1985.  My wife Julie and I have two sons, Scott, an Esko graduate of 2014, and Kevin, an Esko graduate of 2016.  I've been employed by Minnesota Power since 1984 as an Electronic Technician Senior.  I was first elected to the Esko School Board for one term in 2007, and it's great to be back as a board member and to be able to help the Esko School District to continue to provide an excellent education and opportunities and to help provide what is "best for kids" 
My family has always been dedicated to giving back to the community in which we live and have been and continue to be involved in many community activities.

I am very grateful for this second opportunity to serve this wonderful community that we are so lucky to call home.  Should you have an issue or concern, please feel free to contact me either by email at or by phone at (218) 879-0169.

Julian Bertogliat

My name is Julian Bertogliat. My wife Sharon and I have lived in Esko since 1968. We have two sons who were born and raised here. We now have grandchildren who attend school in Esko. I worked as a Science Teacher and Activities Director in Esko Schools for 34 years. Presently I am employed by the Minnesota State High School League as Executive Secretary of Region 7.

As a Board member I am devoted to keeping the highest quality schools in Esko. I welcome input from the community on school issues. I can be reached at or at 218-879-3558.

Mark Nyholm

Mark Nyholm

Born and raised in northern MN, I spent time traveling the world before returning home to raise my family. An Esko resident since 2010, my wife Randi and I have twins and enjoy being part of this special community. I enjoy running with my kids and yellow lab, hunting, and being outside with my family. I’m an avid skier and active instructor on the Spirit Mountain ski patrol. As a Board member I will provide logical reasoning and sound judgement while always keeping our children, our school faculty, and our community as top priorities. I will always make time to listen to community ideas or issues you may want to discuss. 
You can contact me at:  See you around town.

Todd Rengo

My name is Todd Rengo.  My wife Sandy (Olesen) (’87) and I (’88) are both Esko graduates and lifelong Eskomos.  We have 4 kids: Matt is a political science major at St. John’s, Olivia is a Freshman studying nursing at St. Ben’s, Sam 10th grade, and Nate 7th grade. 

I work for Thrivent Financial as an investment advisor and planner following 23 years at the Verso Paper Mill in Duluth where I was a Safety Advocate.  Sandy and I also own Nordic Connection, a Scandinavian Gift import business. 

We have a great tradition of excellence at Esko, and I am honored to help continue building upon that foundation by serving on the School Board. 
Please contact me anytime with questions, ideas or concerns.  You can reach me at  or 218-348-8467.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Salo

My name is Jeff Salo. My wife Cindy and I are both graduates of Esko High School and have been life long residents of Esko. We have two daughters who are both proud Eskomos.  Danielle graduated in 2011 and Hailey graduated in 2014. I work at Sappi Fine Paper and have been there for over 25 years.
My family has been involved with the Esko School District for over 80 years. My mother is a graduate of Esko, as well as a former employee, and my grandmother was a former teacher here at Esko. I take a lot of pride in that history and am honored to keep that tradition going by serving on the School Board. I can be contacted at or my home phone number is 879-6259. I look forward to serving the Esko School District.

Margaret Sunnarborg

My name is Maggie (Margaret) Nicotera Sunnarborg. After teaching in Esko for over 30 years, I decided to retire. I still wanted to be involved in the Esko school system, so I ran for school board. You can be certain, that as a Board member, I will do my best to represent you, and serve the Esko school district to the best of my ability. I am currently serving on the safety, policy and wellness committees. Esko is a great school district with terrific teachers and support staff. I aim to keep it that way! If you have comments or questions, you can e-mail me at or call 879-9087.