Cool Kids

Because many parents need to be away from home when their school-age children are not in school, the “Cool Kids” program was established in September of 1992. It is the goal of this program to provide opportunities for exploration, socialization and recreation in a safe and caring childcare environment.

The handbook will be available online only. The Enrollment and Acknowledgment page are available online or in the Community Ed. Office on April 1st. 

 Location: 16 E Hwy 61 Esko, MN 55733

Hours: M-F 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Snacks are provided during the day and after school.

The a.m. children may use the school breakfast program if they choose. Breakfast will be provided in the Cool Kids room for preschool students. 
For more information on Cool Kids, please contact us at the Cool Kids number 879-4038 or 655-5010

Cool Kids Staff
Brianna Mattonen- Coordinator
Staci Wisted - Program Assistant

Stephanie Norstrom - Program Assistant
Debra Majchrzak-Program Assistant
Ron Majchrzak- Program Assistant
Gayle Disch - Program Assistant
Emily Davey- Program Assistant
Rachel Jenkins- Program Assistant
Cassandra Janke-Program Assistant
Liz Gonser-Program Assistant
Andrea King- Program Assistant
Nikki Benedix- Program Assistant
Ashley Anderson- Program Assistant
Shelby Metzer- Program Assistanrt
Rachel Pantsar- Student Worker
Braden Holty- Student Worker
Anissa Overson- Student Worker
Jade Maki- Student Worker

Contact us:
Cool Kids direct line: 655-5010
Other phone: 879-4038 

General E-mail for Cool Kids staff, scheduling & billing:

Cool Kids is open to 3 and 4 year old's enrolled in School Readiness and kids in grades 1-5. 

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