Driver Education

Classroom Driver Education

Class provides students with a basic understanding of MN Traffic Safety laws, and the complexities of driving.  It also gives participants information necessary for acquiring a MN Learners permit upon successful completion of the written exam.  Students who were not born in Carlton County should begin to acquire their Certified Birth Certificate which is essential for taking the permit exam.  Students should reach their 15th birthday by the end of class.  Priority will be given to current 15 year old students who attend Esko Public Schools.  Students must attend all 30 hours of training (a make-up day will be available).  You will need to sign up with a Driving School for behind the wheel lessons (at an additional cost) before the permit test.

Students are required to Log 50 hours driving time and this must be turned in to the DMV prior to the road skills test.  Attendance at the optional Parent Program can reduce the numbers of logged hours to 40.

Registration opens to 15 year old students first for 7-10 days. After that, 14.5 year old students may register. One week later, the class opens to 14 year old students. We do this to ensure 15 year old students are able to get into the class.

We offer class 4 times per year with 25 students in each class, so we easily accommodate all Esko students during a year. Classes generally run :

Registration can be found here.