Work Out

Dynamic Warm-up

(slow to fast and small R.O.M. to big R.O.M.)

(Stress dorsi flexion and good form with arms)

0. Form jog

1. Form march with a little more knee lift

2. Baby skips

3. Backward jog (easy) stress arm form

4. Baby Butt kicks with dorsi flexion

5. 1-2-33333’s March High knee hold on 3

6. Floating side shuffle arms too

7. Light Kareoka

8. “A” skip

9. Butt kicks

10. MC Hammer (half /half switch sides)

11. Kareoka with knee drive emphasized

12. Quick leg left leg

13. Quick leg right leg

14. Alternating quick leg

15. Fast feet and arms Little R.O.M. (half distance/jog)

16. Fast feet (high knees) and arms Big range of motion (half distance/jog)

17. 10 bunny hops and jog

18. 10 high hops then jog

19. Grouchos or Orangutan walk

20. feet together hanging accelerations

21. feet staggered hanging accelerations

22. Resistance accellerations

Track Circuit

Heel Raisers (heels in and out)

Toe Raisers (with resistance) sit on feet curls

Quick hops (lean against wall)

Greyhounds (line hops)

High knee hops one leg

Water pumps (3 sets 5-10 reps)

Lunges (forward/backward)

Squats (sit to chair/bench then stand, arms over head for difficulty)

Step ups (on bleacher or plyo box)

Quick step ups- drive knee ( 10-25 each leg)


Rocket leap

Frog leap

Cleans (see Stewy)

Stairs (slow power control)

Agility ladder

Hurdle drills

Crazy feet


Crunches (sides, front, legs in air)

Leg throws (partner throws legs)

Tuck and extend

Superman (on stomach raise arms and legs, alternate, etc.

Bridgers (elbows on mat pushup position, raise on arm, raise one arm opposite leg, etc.)

Back archer ( on stomach partner hold legs lift body arching back)

See Core circuit sheet for more


Pushups, bench triceps, scorpion (pushup position feet on bench rotate hips), pushup roll forward and backward, hold starting position, ball push ups.

See Core circuit sheet for more

Dynamic Drills (Mats or other softer surface)

Skipping, Russians, fast leg, butt kick, bounding, straight leg bounding, fast feet, A’s, B’s, C’s, backward stuff,, etc.


Stretching, leg swings, Soldier March, etc.