Off Season Training Schedule

Esko Cross Country
Off Season Training

Good runners can be made during the season.  
GREAT runners are made during the off season.  

The link below will download the 2023/2024 Winter off season training schedule.

NOTE:  This is a guide only.  While not mandatory, consistent running/training over the Winter will put you at an advantage come Spring (for your respective Spring sports!) and ahead of a lot of other athletes which will translate to a better, more successful season for not only you but your team!  SISU!!!

Top line is for returning Varsity runners (those shooting for a sub 18:00 5K, 300+ miles).

Second line is for returning JV runners (those shooting for a sub 19:00 5K).

Third line is for returning JH runners and new runners. 

WHEN RUNNING OUTDOORS, IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE SEEN (I.E. WEAR BRIGHT, REFLECTIVE CLOTHING, HEADLAMPS, ETC.) whenever it may get dark or in weather that could make it difficult for drivers to see you!  Unless you are on a running path, always stay on the LEFT shoulder of the road (i.e. facing traffic).

2023/2024 Off Season Training Schedule (including Strength/Core guide)