Food Service

A message from your Food Service Staff: 
The federal government is no longer supporting free meals for all students. Free meals will be available for families completing an application for free or reduced priced meals who qualify either by income or direct certification through the State of Minnesota.  All kindergarten students receive free breakfast.


Dear Parents/Guardians of High School & Elementary students:

Lunch payments may be dropped off in the High School or Elementary Office or brought directly to the cafeteria.  Elementary students have the option of bringing payments to their classrooms for collection by Food Service staff.

Checks can not be “cashed” for amounts over the original purchase. If a check is submitted to Food Service, it will be credited into the student’s account only.

To ensure proper crediting of your child’s account, please put each student’s name, account (PIN) number and the amount you want credited to each child’s account in the memo area on the check. A separate check is not needed for each family member. If paying with cash, please include the same information as above on an envelope.

If you wish to use the on-line electronic payment system, simply log in to Parent Portal and choose the Payment option button on the left hand menu column.  Beginning September 1, 2019, a 3% convenience fee will be charged for credit card transactions.

All students have access to both breakfast and lunch. An alternate lunch line is available for Grades 7 - 12 at the same price as the regular lunch.  "Smart Snack" options are available to Grades 9 - 12.