EEF Hosts 2024 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

EEF Hosts 2024 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
Posted on 05/06/2024
2024 Scholarship AwawrdsCongratulations to the following Esko High School seniors who were awarded a variety of academic scholarships from local agencies and foundations, including the Esko Educational Foundation.  These awards total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Additionally, Esko's Class of 2024 is collectively receiving in excess of 1.5 million dollars in academic awards from their future post-secondary institutions.  This group of seniors won the following awards, in the order they were presented at the Sunday, May 5, 2024 ceremony: 
The Santo Antonutti Family Scholarship: Gino Bertogliat
The Julian "Bert" Bertogliat Family Scholarship: Gino Bertogliat
Esko Sports Alliance/Bob Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Joey Antonutti, Annabelle Engen, Gino Bertogliat
Esko Sports Alliance/Outstanding Team Contribution Award: Kyra Johnson, Joey Antonutti
Esko Sports Alliance/Outstanding Teammate Award: Kyra Johnson, Spencer Hipp
Esko Sports Alliance/Outstanding Athlete Award: Gwen Lilly, Koi Perich
Memorial Blood Bank Outstanding Service Scholarship: Matt Norstrom, Kyra Johnson
Esko Theater Scholarship: Emily Hacker, Nicole Wietman
Esko Music Boosters Scholarships: Emily Hacker, Kate Staples, Erik Fowler, Andy Osborne
Alworth Memorial Fund Scholarships: Sophia Juntunen, Paul Cornell
Lake Country Power Les Beach Memorial Scholarship: Talon Mattson
Esko Educational Foundation/Jacob and Betty Bergstedt Scholarship: Andy Osborne
Esko Educational Foundation/Jessica Blake Memorial Scholarship: Raven Malzec
Esko Educational Foundation/Kristin Burkholder Memorial Scholarship: Anna Schmitz, Catrina Vigliaturo
Esko Educational Foundation/Centennial Music and Arts Scholarship:Nicole Wietman
Esko Educational Foundation/Esko Education Association Scholarship: Emily Hacker, Nick Borden
Esko Educational Foundation/Foundation Scholarship: Braedyn Male, Spencer Hipp
Esko Educational Foundation/Federated Co-op Scholarship: Madison Hurst, Kaelyn Foxx
Esko Educational Foundation/Zak Gamache-Esko Fire Department Scholarship: Ainsley Perlinger
Esko Educational Foundation/Davis Helberg Memorial Scholarship: Kate Staples
Esko Educational Foundation/Golden K Kiwanis Scholarship: Emily Regas
Esko Educational Foundation/LaMarche Creek Scholarship: Rylee Demers
Esko Educational Foundation/Ruth B. Logsdon Memorial Scholarship: Sophia Juntunen, Paul Cornell, Braeden Herman, Kyra Johnson
Esko Educational Foundation/National Bank of Commerce Scholarship: Samantha LaGraves
Esko Educational Foundation/Sherry Peterson-Kalm Memorial Scholarship: Joel Barta
Esko Educational Foundation/Scott Plaistad Memorial Scholarship: Amelia Warden
Esko Educational Foundation/RAM Mutual Scholarship: Abrianna Madill
Esko Educational Foundation/Employees of RAM Mutual Scholarship: Bryce Hipp
Esko Educational Foundation/Rauha Scholarship: Matt Norstrom, Alena Beare
Esko Educational Foundation/Gladys Richardson Memorial Scholarship: Talon Mattson
Esko Educational Foundation/Rod and Sharon Sandberg Memorial Scholarship: Gwen Lilly
Esko High School extends its sincere appreciation to our donors and benefactors and a hearty congratulations to this year's winners. Education pays, literally!