Hi! My name is Rachel Weizenegger. I hold a BAS in Elementary Education, a BFA in Art Education, and a MA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. I taught first grade for a few years on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and was transformed by the beauty and spirit of the community. I then returned to Minnesota and taught in a K-12 art setting for many years before becoming the elementary Art specialist at Winterquist Elementary School.
I enjoy creating my own artwork, as well as, listening to live music. My work has always reflected strong contrasts. Usually this is done through my use of mediums, but it may also be reflected in the use of pattern, color, and texture. I strive to complete works that speak to me and communicate to the viewer at various levels. My influences have always been the environment around me and the experiences of my life. I am also drawn to Expressionism and the work of Peter Weizenegger, Joy Kops, Wendy Savage, Elizabeth Kuth, and Fritz Scholder. We all have stories to translate and interpret in our own honoring of who we are and in the honoring of those who bring joy to our lives.

Feel free to contact me by email at:  [email protected]
If you would like to reach me by phone, my phone number is 218-879-3361 ext 263.

2019-2020 Art distance learning materials are found within the individual grade level platforms.