District Goal Setting Sessions to take place January 23rd

District Goal Setting sessions to take Place January 23rd
Posted on 01/09/2019
2019 5 year planThe Esko School District has hired a consultant to work with the community, staff and School Board to develop a new set of goals for the District. The District has participated in this process every five years. The School board feels very strongly that this process has been very beneficial to our students and staff. This is one of the processes that we feel has helped lead to our success in our academic and extra
curricular programs.

The process includes sessions with the entire school staff, parents and community
members and the School Board. The staff will be involved in the process on the afternoon of January 23rd. The parents and community members will be invited to participate that evening.

The District has determined that we will be sending students home early on January 23rd to allow for our staff to meet with our consultant to work on the goals. The buses will be leaving at 12:15 on January 23rd. The School Board and Administration apologize for the inconvenience this will cause our families.

All parents and community members are invited to attend a goal setting session the
evening of January 23rd. Bruce Miles (Big River Consulting) will be facilitating the
meeting. He will work to identify District strengths and weaknesses. He will work
to identify key areas to focus on and will help to develop recommendations for the
School Board to consider. The School Board encourages everyone to attend!
Below is the link to a community survey that I would encourage you to participate in.
This survey will help the School Board gain a community perspective.

Community Goal Planning Survey

Please send any questions or thoughts to me, Aaron Fischer (afischer@esko.k12.mn.us), as I will look forward to hearing what you want the District to focus on the next five years. 

Key Points:
• Early release on January 23, 2019 (12:15)
• Parent and community goal session at 6:30pm on January 23rd. (Theater)

• More information will be provided through the school sign, instant alert and
through our new social media communications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.