Digital Engagement Initiative

In Esko, we use technology to personalize and enhance learning. All students in grades 4-12 are issued an iPad for educational use as part of a 1:1 digital engagement initiative.  This program allows students to learn in an educational setting in which they choose and direct the course of the own learning in order to meet the complex demands of the 21st century.

digital engagment initiative

On this page, you will find resources that will strengthen the partnership between home and school to inspire continuous learning at the Esko Public Schools.  The resources found on this page are tailored to help meet the needs of our families.  Feel free to use these resources as you feel appropriate to help meet the specific needs of you and your child.

Digital Engagement Plan.pdf - 

WiFi Safety in schools.pdf
Internet safety Resources for Parents
Parents Guide to Cyber Safety

Digital Citizenship
Parent Guide to Cyber Bullying
Digital workshops for parents and educators
Netcetra - chatting with kids about being online
E-parenting: Modern Parenting in a Digital World

Social Media/E-mail Etiquette
A parent guide to Facebook

Ipad Troubleshooting
Ipad/Apps not responding
ipad user manual for iOS 8.1

Useful Links
Great Websites for Students

Internet Access
If you currently do not have wireless internet at home, students can connect to the school wireless network from 3:15pm-10:00pm during the week, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.  The Cloquet Public library and many restaurants in the area also offer free wireless access to their patrons.