Enrollment Form

​Registration for Cool Kids for the 2018/2019 school year will be held in April.
Cool Kids will be using a flat fee system in the school year program.
This will align with our summer flat rate system.
Our billing system handles flat rate billing more easily.
Using a flat rate will help us regulate our staffing and numbers in the program as well.
Flat rate for preschool wrap around care:
$30 for days that child attends preschool
$40 for days child does not attend preschool (4 year old only)
Before & After School Flat Rates:
School age care offers 10 sessions most weeks of the year.
Before school 5 days & after school 5 days-
Session 1 $7
Session 2 $7
Session 3 $6
Session 4 $6
Session 5 $5
Session 6 $5
Session 7 $4
Session 8 $4
Session 9 $3
Session 10 $3
Schedules are due by the Wednesday prior to the week of programming. Billing will be conducted off the schedule submitted on Wednesday. Cancellations for any reason will not be deducted from billing. This will help us maintain our staff numbers.
Questions? Email coolkids@esko.k12.mn.us