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COVID-19 Information and resources

COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools, Youth, and Child Care Programs

Access the following websites for information:

(State) Minnesota Department of Health - MDH:

(National) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC:

(International) World Health Organization - WHO:

Jenny Barta, Public Health Nurse – Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Carlton County Public Health and Human Services, (w) 218-878-2872, (c) 218-576-5667

Meghann Levitt, Public Information Officer, Carlton County Public Health and Human Services, (w) 218-878-2846, (c) 218-461-5998

Please contact Community Education with any questions.

Community Education Director Michele Carlson at 
Community Education Administrative Assistant Gretchen Grover at or 218-879-4038

Have you been having trouble getting through to people in community education by phone? If you dial our main number- you can't connect to an extension. Here's the trick! Call the school main line at 879-2969 and then dial extension numbers to get through.
Michele 622
Shannon 635
Brianna 634
Jill L. 636
Emily 633
As always, you can call Gretchen during office hours at 879-4038.

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